Mind Health Connect Belize

Our Mission:

Improving Mental Health in Belize

We welcome you whether you are in need of mental health support for yourself, in need of help for a family member/friend/colleague, or if you are here to support the cause.



A not-for-profit organization comprised of a group of Belizeans who see the desperate need for more mental wellness resources to be made available to those who need it. Not only those living with mental illness but also those interested in the overall mental wellness of all Belizeans can be beneficiaries of these resources.

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Get Help & Support

We can gladly assist you in making choices about treatment, understanding your rights and reaching out to sources of support. We have both private and government support groups along with professionally trained partners to assist. 


There are plenty of non-governmental support groups available to assist.

Government RESOURCES

The Government offers various services to assist those with mental health issues.

Experienced professionals

Help is just a phone call away. Feel free to reach out to one of our experienced professional for support. 

Information & Support

A-Z Mental Health 

A-Z Information and advice on a huge range of mental health topics



Mental Health Policy

The Mental Health Unit provides national support for the implementation of the national mental health policy.  Learn the functions of the national mental health unit. 

About Mental Health

Explore what is being said about Mental Health in Belize and globally.


Get Involved

We are always interested in helping others and in others helping us. We welcome you to join our support network.

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Give us a call at 615 5957 or fill out the form and we shall be in contact shortly.

Volunteer opportunities

Looking to help? Join us and sign up for a support group. 

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We could not exist without your support. Help us provide support. 


Mental Health is nothing to be ashamed of